Ro'ris Boraion

A library of random generators that serve little purpose.


screenme09 is a generator that aims to generate usernames for online use. Not necessarily fantasy related, or game related, or anything related. Not recommended for serious use!

The 404 Iterator

Technically this is the random generator that started it all. The 404 page has a random generator that returns a randomly chosen statement, but it's not random in the sense that it's nonsensical.


Need a random number for some reason? So did a friend. That's why this exists. This will return five different numbers of different lengths. This screenshot explains how.


Passworder is a generator that returns two random passwords on every generation. Here's some information on how it works. Also, try this website to test the passwords if you feel it necessary. I usually find the first password to be more secure than the second.


You can probably guess from the name the idea of this generator: it iterates statements that are nonsensical or strange.

I compiled the database by scraping the sub-reddit "r/nocontext/". I stake no claim to ownership of any quotes or passages returned by this generator. I claim only the code which causes it to function.

Site Updates


  • Fixed 404 not pointing to correct database


  • Significantly improved the roris database for better results


  • Removed blizzard.

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