If you haven't noticed yet, this subtitle is also random.

Ro'ris Boraion

A library of random generators that serve little purpose.

Ro'ris Boraion

Ro'ris Boraion is a fantasy name generator. The generator itself was used in the naming process for this generator. It was the very first of the name generators and the website's namesake.

Ro'ris Nations

Ro'ris Nations was adapted from Ro'ris Boraion, but aims to generate names that sound like those of kingdoms, nations, or countries.

Names of Dragons

Names of Dragons is a name generator for Dragons. Fairly self-explanatory.


"Your name, re-imagined..." IRL Gen is a name generator that tries very hard to return realistic names to the user. Or, if nothing else, almost realistic names. (Comes complete with last names!)

Site Updates


  • Fixed 404 not pointing to correct database


  • Significantly improved the roris database for better results


  • Removed blizzard.

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