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Ro'ris Boraion

A library of random generators that serve little purpose.

Offensive Word Scrambler

Have you ever been drunk and just said a random string of curse words and wished you had the creativity to do that while sober? Have you watched an episode of South Park and laughed at such phrases as "Bloody vagina belch?" Then this generator is your key to happiness. Have fun.


Insultirds is an insult generator based on real species names for birds. The database is comprised of three parts, and each part has segments of real species' names. Using this generator will provide insults along the lines of, "Whooping Dickcissel" and "Sharp-Thighed Frogmouth".


Need to look smart? Want to impress some random strangers in a party? Maybe you just need to brush up on some information just in-case you find yourself in a debate sometime. In any case, FactGen will generate a random, mostly true fact at the press of a button. Your problems are solved!


The Gibbernator is an aptly named word generator which generates vowels and consonants randomly, but in this order: CVCVV. Sometimes they sound cool, sometimes they work as names; but usually, they're just gibberish.

In the 70's

Do you remember the 70's? Want a trip down memory lane? This generator outputs the names of popular clothing styles during the 70's. Why? Well, to remind everyone that "Tiddies" used to be a thing, of-course!

Titles of the Queen of Titles and TItles, also Titles

This is a generator that outputs phrases that resemble titles of items, people, or places based on a database of words. It is the original version of the title generator. The results can be rather nonsensical; in fact, the name of this generator was an inspiration from a few of the less useful results.

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