The Great Void


published 03/21/19

A gentle breeze brushed through the trees from the north and the flames shivered in its embrace. One of the sticks, engulfed and utterly crisped by the heat of the fire, snapped and fell, sending burning embers soaring upwards. My gaze followed their graceful dance skyward and I watched as each burned out in the cool night air, now far from their mother fire.

My eyes landed on the stars far above, hundreds of them were visible through the tiny clearing...

Whispers of Perspective


published 03/21/19

They turned a corner as lightning flashed through the sky and thunder crashed far above. The road ended at a large metal gate around 50 feet ahead, where it turned into a rough, neglected gravel path which wound its way through a patch of trees and up a hill to the front door of a large manor which loomed ominously above the surrounding...



published 03/21/19

I drew a careful, winter chilled breath as the barrel of his gun stared me down. The mist which escaped from my numb lips drifted into the air, and I spoke a mindful, cautious sentence, "Maybe..." I hesitated, worried even a statement as unoffensive as this could upset his suddenly unpredictable temperament "Maybe put the gun down, Stan."

He responded harshly, though not so harshly that I'd find myself dead, "Put the gun down?" he shouted...

Logan's Ascent

On the Rocks

published 03/21/19

I reached the top of the steps and took in a deep breath; this door was the last thing standing between me and freedom. Its pale blue metal and rusty hinges were lit only by the dim security lights which flickered to life when I entered this small hallway. And for this moment I was alone in silence, shielded from the the cacophony of the city by these four walls and this door...

The master guide to playing Fable TLC on Linux

Includes cutscenes and modding!

published 08/20/17

updated 01/20/18

Update 01/20/18 - This no longer works. I'll probably look into it again in the future as Fable TLC still stands as, probably, my favourite game of all time. I'll update this article again if and when I get it working again.

I have TLC through Steam, but there's no reason this guide shouldn't work for people who don't. I'm also on Manjaro, which is an Arch-based distribution. It's been a while since I've been on an Ubuntu-based distro and I've...

Vivaldi is not open source,

but you can read its source.

published: 05/31/17

last updated: 06/12/18

I'll be honest: I actually wrote this on Reddit, but it's something I'd like to be able to reference easily in the future because this topic comes up relatively frequently when someone mentions Vivaldi, so I'm putting it on my website as well.

You can't build Vivaldi yourself from source because Vivaldi isn't open source. Part of it is, specifically, the changes the Vivaldi devs make to Chromium are...

Adjusting flags for better optimization in Vivaldi

(and other Chromium browsers)

published 05/07/17

updated 06/12/18

Chromium eats ram like fire consumes oxygen, and Vivaldi is built on Chromium. Of course most users hover around a few specific sites, therefore don't often require more than a single tab or two, and don't typically notice the drain on their system. And who cares that your browser is using 2GB of ram with only two or three open tabs when computers are coming with 8GB of ram now'days? Most users hardly run anything but...