About me

Hey there, I'm Jon, but I go by "Tiamarth" online, and this is my website. The purpose of this site is to list my most recent contact info and to link to all of my projects, but in an ideal world it can also serve as a portfolio.

I know html, css, and php; and I'm currently learning javascript in my spare time. I've been coding, though mostly as a hobby, for nearly a decade now. I've been the system administrator, tech support, web developer, and design consultant for Snippy Doodles for the last 8 years. Snippy Doodles is a family entertainer in my area who, among other things, performs educational shows for schools and libraries, fun magic shows for birthdays and other parties, and creates balloon art for corporate events and weddings.

I was an administrator for Slimecraft on and off for five years, it's shut down for now, but there's plans to start it back up in the near future, possibly under a new name, and I'm likely to run it. My duties as administrator were essentially to moderate the community and promote the server, but I also helped write the community rules, occasionally advised the owner in design decisions regarding the server's website, and I wrote some lore for it once when we thought we might try to take the server in more of a "survival-rpg" direction. Once we start the server back up, I may also design a new website for it altogether. Slimecraft was originally a small Minecraft server hosted in Portugal, but we expanded into several other games including Terraria, Starbound, and Team Fortress 2.

I've additionally been using Linux as my daily operating system for the last four years and have more than a decade's experience with Windows.

I also used to make Youtube videos, but I've mostly stopped doing that recently for a number of reasons including, simply, that I lost interest in making them. But in this same vein, I've been trying to become a voice actor. I can't really do characters, but I've been told I have a good voice for narration, so that's what I've been focusing on when making demo recordings.

Despite all this, however, writing has been my primary aspiration. I write mostly fiction, in the form of short stories, and I've been working on a large, novel-scale project for the last eight years. I hope to see it finished in another 2-3 years, but I've been known to have sudden bursts of inspiration that inevitably cause bouts of broad-brushed lore revision, so I'm hesitant to guarantee an eta. I do also occasionally write articles, though, and I've published a few of them on my website.