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Jon 'Tiamarth' McIntosh

writer, designer, voice actor

In design, I balance functionality with beauty and minimalist aesthetics, and especially emphasize efficient use of space. When a user first loads this site they see only the most relevant information about me and can choose whether to learn more. The portfolio is wide to fit as much information as possible and fit comfortably in your field of vision; articles are thin to increase reading comfort; and text is gray instead of white or black to reduce fatigue, while still providing heavy contrast to ensure it doesn't blend into the background. The theme is dark by default to avoid scalding sensitive visitors, and because dark themes are good for battery life and are better for your eyes. But a light theme alternative is provided for those who still prefer light color schemes.

In coding, I only write what's necessary to get the product ready for market. I feel defeated if I have to use anything more than HTML and CSS in my web pages. This website in particular is written almost exclusively in html and css. There's no javascript except to store a cookie to remember the user's preferred theme, and there's just enough php to reduce rewriting repetitive html. Otherwise everything else - including any animations, transitions, responsive elements, popups, menus, and even the theming - is done with css.

In my fictional writing, I tend to balance descriptive narration with vague and subtle foreshadowing, this paints a clear picture of the setting and pulls the reader into the world without overwhelming them with information. I prefer writing stories which speculate about the nature of existence and the limits of reality, with worlds and plots that border on stylistic and surreal. Often the stories I write are more about a concept than about the characters themselves. You'll find my stories rarely close with a happy ending and usually contain 180° plot twists.

In my articles, I try to convey as much information as possible in as simple terms as possible. One of my primary goals is always for average users, particularly people who aren't necessarily skilled with technology, to be able to easily understand what I'm writing about. You don't come here to learn advanced coding techniques or how to repair malfunctioning computers, you come here to learn simple, basic stuff like how to optimize your web browser's settings or how to install software on Linux.

If you need to reach me, here are all the places I'm currently active. You can feel free to contact me with questions, feedback, or business inquiries. Currently the best place to reach me is Discord.

This site uses the Discord alternate "blurple" logo found here and the "secured letter" icon found here. I don't own any of these logos. Their continued use on this site is subject to their respective licenses and will be removed if requested by their respective owners.

The font used in all current Tiamarth branding is Neverwinter with some minor tweaks. I don't own the Neverwinter font and its use here is subject to its license and will be removed if requested by its owner.