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this is a list of all email clients

Email Client Dev Status Open Source Linux
Airmail active no no
Alto Mail active no no
Apple Mail active no no
Balsa dormant yes yes
Boxer dormant no no
Canary Mail unclear no no
Claws Mail active yes yes
Columba discontinued yes yes
eM Client active no no
EmailTray discontinued no no
Evolution active yes yes
Forté Agent discontinued no no
Fossamail active yes yes
Foxmail active no no
Geary active yes yes
GyazMail dormant no no
Inky active no no
Kmail active yes yes
Mailbird active no no
Mailburn dormant no no
MailMate active no no
Mailsmith dormant no no
Mailwise unclear no no
Mulberry discontinued yes yes
Mutt active yes yes
myMail active no no
Mynigma discontinued yes no
Newton Mail active no no
nPOPuk discontinued yes no
Opera Mail active no no
Outlook active no no
Pegasus Mail active no no
Polymail active no no
Postbox active yes no
si.Mail discontinued no no
SimpleMail active no yes
SlideMail active no no
Spark active no no
sup dormant yes yes
Sylpheed active yes yes
Thunderbird active yes yes
Trojit√° active yes yes
TypeApp active no no
Zimbra Desktop active yes yes

Only email clients that are still available for download from official sources are listed.


Do you see an error? Do you know of an email client that's not already listed?

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- created: 09/24/2016

- last modified: 09/25/2016