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Ro'ris Boraion

A library of random generators that serve little purpose.

Every generator on this site was coded in PHP. It basically started as just a means of practicing the language, but I found that I enjoyed making these generators and continued.

Thanks to outside resources such as Behind the Name, Audubon, and this list of English syllables. Without these services, these generators would have taken a considerably longer period of time to complete, and likely never would have been finished to begin with.

Ro'ris Boraion is the name of the fantasy name generator that can be found here. It was the first generator here, and that's why the website is also called Ro'ris.

If you have any suggestions for new generators or additions to current generators, or would generally like to provide feedback, you can contact me here. You can also scroll down to leave a comment.

Click here to take a look at some generators that I may or may not make in the future.

I see you're using Internet Explorer. I've made a lot of changes to this website specifically for this browser. Internet Explorer seems to hate shadow on just about anything.

For the record, I am no longer supporting Internet Explorer. Use something else.

Site Updates


  • Significantly improved the roris database for better results


  • Removed blizzard.


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