I'm Tiamarth. I design websites and sometimes do voice overs. You can see a gallery of my web design past here, and here's a good place to hear me speak.

Otherwise, just a take a look around, explore a bit. For example, here's a website that I made specifically for wasting time.


Get in touch

If you'd like to contact me for business inquiries, please use email @ one of the addresses below.

Web development

Here's a gallery of my amazing web design talents.

I designed the website you're looking at right now. I've also designed a few other websites which can be seen by clicking the above link to the gallery.

You can contact me me if you're interested in procuring my services.

Voice Overs

Here's a gallery of my voice talents.

In it you will find some excerpts from things I've done in the past, as well as things I read exclusively for demos.

You can contact me me if you want me to talk at you.